About the Studio
Our Services
Our Services
We Make animated films for kids and adults.
2D, Paper, Cell, Flash, Cut-outs, CG, After Effects

We Make ideas come to life!
We have created award-winning animation for a diverse number of satisfied television networks, production companies and advertising agencies. We can implement your idea or conceive and write something original.

We Make you laugh.
Our nationally known comedic work on Saturday Night Live's TV Funhouse, created by Robert Smigel, has attracted many clients to us with the confidence that we will know how to preserve and enhance the comedy in their scripts and/or bring our own brand of humor to their projects.

We Make the process simple.
Whether you have worked in animation before or are venturing into this medium for the first time, we will make sure that you understand every step of the production and will be taken care of by a professional crew of talented artists to bring your vision to life.

We Make your worries go away.
Storyboards, Writing, Character Designs, Background Designs, Voice recording, Animation, Post Effects, you name it. We can do it all from beginning to end or any part in between, whatever your project needs we will provide it.

We Make your project special.
We don't have one signature style but believe that every project can have it's own look. So, whether you want us to work with existing characters, replicate a specific style of animation or create a design unique for your project our designers can do it all.

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